The Flourishing Life - Your Flourishing Future Course

By The Flourishing Life Academy

 Participate in your future from today with a new plan for you and your family. Do you feel you are in a loop of losing time and losing hope, hoping for more time and money? Discover new insights into your God Given natural talents and begin nourishing it for a flourishing future for you and your family.

The Flourishing Life - Your Flourishing Future

PlayMoolah enables learners to take an experiential approach to building positive Financial-Emotional Resilience for a Flourishing Life!

Outcomes of The Flourishing Life - Money & Me Course:

  1. Be exposed through the concept of 8 forms of capital to relook wealth holistically. By viewing the financial system through the lens of permaculture, Roland and Landua introduces eight forms of capital that they observed flowing between individuals and communities, each with their own unique currencies: Financial, material, living, social, intellectual, experiential, spiritual, and cultural capital.
  2. Learn more about the 8 forms of capital - What are your 8 forms of capital, what would you like to share, cultivate and increase?
  3. Creating a practice for this
  4. Visualisation of your flourishing self and map out your flourishing life blueprint

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Session 1: The Flourishing Life - My Flourishing Future 

  1. 1.5 Hour Workshop 

  2. Learn about the 8 forms of capital and how you would like to take charge of your own
  3. Customised and personalised Financial Emotional Quotient unique to each individual that gives you actionable insights as to what virtues you can practice in your Financial-Emotional Resilience building 


This workshop has definitely improved my financial knowledge and understanding. I felt grateful that I am able to learn about investing & entrepreneurship at my age. The coaches delivers clear messages and it is very easy for me to understand. Through these workshops, I can relate better to my daily finances, smarter with money and deeper understanding for its value.

 Annie Thio, 13

I attended the Financial-Emotional Workshop after my dad suggested me to pick up some new skills and knowledge that is usually not taught in schools. It will be useful for me in the future. In the course, I learnt about the eight forms of capital, five money behaviour types and more. I watched an interesting video on “Future for Health” where we would then need to identify which capitals were used. Now, I have a better understanding on money. Other than that, learning about other forms of capital flowing around me makes me more aware of their relationships. What was memorable to me was that I self-discovered that I am a “Treasure Collector” with many special possessions too! 😊 

 Claire Chee, 14 

 Honesty Circles has helped me uncover hidden money narratives that I never realised were causing me undue stress and anxiety when it comes to money. It explained why I was afraid to deal with money, and would become very calculative when spending money either for myself or others. Through Honesty Circles, I now see money as a gift that allows me to invest in myself and others more freely. I now feel more empowered to use money to bless others and myself in a meaningful and flourishing way.

 – Nicholas Lye, 39

Honesty Circle has been beneficial in helping me to identify money narratives that I didn't realise I had. With awareness, it gives me the freedom to choose the money narratives that suit me in my current stage of life and thus unlocking my own potential. I also appreciate the collective wisdom that we gain through the honest sharing in the circle.

 – Winifred Ling, 43

The people at PlayMoolah are a rare breed. We worked with them over the course of a year to develop and execute a financial literacy program for children in the community. The team was unfailingly passionate about the specific needs of the community, often going out of their way to better understand and creatively adjust to the circumstances of the individual beneficiaries of the programme. Their wholehearted commitment to their work is not only professional but also incredibly inspiring! The children thoroughly enjoyed the classes as well. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to raise levels of financial literacy in the community.

 – Jaclyn Seow Program Lead from the Boonlay PA Community 

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